Friday, May 6, 2016

Becoming an Artist

Becoming an Artist:

I don't feel we become an artist overnight. It is something we strive for stealing moments in-between busy schedules carving out niches of time to expel the desire from within to the canvas. Colors attracting me like a magnet to use them in some formation of an expression yet to come together. It is in the dance of time and timelessness that gathers such formations into desires of creations that create the canvas into a deeper expression at times than one can imagine.

Becoming artistic like any craft takes time and practice, mistakes and redo's. Always in the back of my mind I am planning for the end of my day to find my time to practice my craft. I am a mixed media artist! Art has always been my counterbalance in life just as much as my poetic gift was my language and heart for many years. Gathering a method to combine the two was sought when I was very young through various mediums to what is now the gathering of differing mediums that actually do come together. I had to go out on a limb and challenge myself by investing in the art I desired to become better at. I have no formal training other than art classes in junior high and high school. That type of learning did not bring me closer to what I desired or sought. It is in the latter half of my life that I find the willingness and constant thread in the action of doing and performing that highlights the contrast from then to now. It is always in the actuality of the freedom in becoming the fullness of an artist that completes the desire now to what was lacking then. I have patients now with the intuitive hunches that guide me. In the silence of viewing all the unfinished pieces I will find the next phase to the piece I am focused on.

Becoming an Artist is defined by the interest of intent, the practice of the medium and act of creating in and of itself!!!

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