Thursday, February 27, 2014

Getting Back in the Creative Saddle.

I have my favorite blogs I like to follow and savour the designs
from so many great individual artist. I study the way they piece
affects together and the dimensions of their thoughts when applied
to the medium of their choice.  I also find getting back in the saddle to
my own personal fashion of creating is often frought with the need
for time and the space to evolve my ideas. Yes, my craft supplies
are all over the house but neatly tucked into their niches. Is my boyfriend
always happy about that no! But I try to balance the lack of space
with the idea that we are going to expand my need for a studio out
into the garage eventually! Once his corvette sells.

I love all things vintage and love to rummage through thrift stores
looking for elements that piece fabrics of history into the now.
I love the treasures of old family photos and my Italian history
from my hometown in its early days. I find creating always pulls
me into a fuller and better place amongst the stresses of my days.
Like anyone who is working at developing their name and craft
it all takes time and hardwork. So if your ever feeling torn don't
give up your dream or your ambition. Everything has its hours
and day.

Enjoy the Journey!

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