Saturday, February 1, 2014

Savoring the Moments...

Scrapbooking/mixed media is about savoring the moments. Or better yet perserving the moments. Honoring the quality of the past for future generations. It seems so much of the simplicity of times gone by has become so buried beneath the age of technology. We literally swirl through the days and nights heeding to a schedule with eyes half closed and hearts half full. When I started this post it was in late December and now here it is the first day of Febuary.  I felt really burnt out on everything related to creating after doing so much prep work for a Holiday Craft show I participated in prior to Christmas.  It wasn't until today that I actually did some work mix media work to try and get myself connected a bit to the process and inklings that are stirring within. It is easy for the demands of the day, family to take over.

I made this piece with an old photo of my grandmother sitting in the far left corner in the rear with the stocking cap on as a piece for the craft fair, but then my mom saw it and I gave it to my dad. This picture was taken up in Tahoe obviously during the forties. I put Tim Holtz frosty film over it and it made the period even more inviting for this picture.  The star was a tin star I had boughten in a close out sale and I ended up using alcohol inks on it to give it some color and splash.  I painted the background with a candy apple red spray paint. They eye glass is from Seven Gypsies.

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